Advantage and Disadvantages of “Do It Yourself Websites”

So one figures that there was a need for more affordable solutions when it comes to owning your own website. Back in the days any simple website would not come down from $450 to $1000. On top of that, you had to pay the designer for every update your website needed. Now a days most websites are designed in a platform that will allow you to make your own changes and updates.

But we have gone further than that, now there are web applications that will allow you to build your own website. So you ask yourself what are the pros and cons of building your website without the need of a professional web developer? Simple answer; none!

Websites are not just about a pretty web template and a few words. A good web designer has been doing this for years and there is more to web design that just a box full of templates. First you need to know based on your industry what type of image you want to display, what kind of graphics and photos you should use in your website, your area, the type of clientele that will visit your pages, their ages, nationality and much more. Then you need to be able to present your information in such way that it is fully understandable, it gets to the point and furthermore it persuades your visitors to move forward and give you a call. You need to know what order you should use your elements in each page so that the whole website is easy to navigate and keep the client reading rather than taking off to another site.

Is this enough? well no, there is more; you need to know how to place the elements such as paragraphs, photos, galleries and products in a symmetrical way. You need to know what font is best to use, how many times to use it and the different sizes and headings. The colors on the website, the padding and margins that make everything look clean and inviting to the eyes. Furthermore you need to know how to use your keywords and key-phrases, the density of each one, and how not to abuse the guidelines of almost each browser.

This are just a few things you will never know and will never be able to learn simply because this is a designer’s job. And yes; you may pay $30 a month to own (correction) to lease one of those self made websites, but on the long run, you are just renting and you will need a professional to deal with more than just a pretty template.

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