How do I find my website in Google? It is all about GPS!

So you have decided to have a website designed for your company and now you do not find your website in Google.

First of all; let us understand how Google works. To explain this in a clear way; Google provides information to the reader based on the location of the reader at the time of his search. It all starts by the device you are using to perform your request. If for example you live in Miami dade let say Kendall area, but at the moment you you are at a store in Broward and you decide to use your smartphone to search for used bookstores what will happen next is that your cell phone will let Google know that you are located in an specific area in Broward, then Google based on the coordinates provided by the cell phone will show you a listing of stores near you at your present location.

When you design your website, the next step should be to register your website at “Google Places”, this is a free and what will happen is that Google will verify your area of conducting business so that when someone is searching for a service or product which you provide, if this person happens to be at a radius close to you, your website will pop up in his search.

Not registering your website will make your website visible nationwide, it just doesnt work that way.

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