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Why Should I Register My Own Domain name?

The domain name is the beginning of everything.  Exactly like a car tag, it identifies your website, it is the address to your site. There are 3 things in use when it comes to having a website; The domain name, the hosting services, and the website. if you loose the information to your hosting service, and your website becomes accessible, then all yu need to do is simply disconnect your domain name from that hosting company name servers and move on to another hosting company. Of course you will have lost your website and unless you have a back up, you may end up having to design a new site.

But as long as you have your domain name you will be in control. Now, why is the domain so important that you should be the one to register it? Let say that you build a website, you upload it to a server under a domain name. A few months passed and suddenly your domain starts to become popular. Domains can be sold and some domains based on how popular they are can be sold for thousands of dollars. Not only that, if you are receiving profit through your domain and it was register by someone else, this person holds all the rights to the domain which means, he can get away with everything and you end yup getting nothing.

Just like the title of a car.

Advantage and Disadvantages of “Do It Yourself Websites”

So one figures that there was a need for more affordable solutions when it comes to owning your own website. Back in the days any simple website would not come down from $450 to $1000. On top of that, you had to pay the designer for every update your website needed. Now a days most websites are designed in a platform that will allow you to make your own changes and updates.

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How do I find my website in Google? It is all about GPS!

So you have decided to have a website designed for your company and now you do not find your website in Google.

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WordPress for Dummies, learn about its advantages

So we keep hearing about WordPress, WordPress this and WordPress that. But what exactly is WordPress and how is it used?

WordPress is a website that was initially developed to serve as an article publishing online tool. WordPress was used to publish articles and it become a very robust blog platform. Articles would be published and accommodated into this website in chronological order and assigned to different categories. Furthermore; online surfers like yourself would find the articles of an specific topic and comment about this article on the same page where the article is posted.

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