Advantage and Disadvantages of “Do It Yourself Websites”

So one figures that there was a need for more affordable solutions when it comes to owning your own website. Back in the days any simple website would not come down from $450 to $1000. On top of that, you had to pay the designer for every update your website needed. Now a days most websites are designed in a platform that will allow you to make your own changes and updates.

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How do I find my website in Google? It is all about GPS!

So you have decided to have a website designed for your company and now you do not find your website in Google.

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WordPress for Dummies, learn about its advantages

So we keep hearing about WordPress, WordPress this and WordPress that. But what exactly is WordPress and how is it used?

WordPress is a website that was initially developed to serve as an article publishing online tool. WordPress was used to publish articles and it become a very robust blog platform. Articles would be published and accommodated into this website in chronological order and assigned to different categories. Furthermore; online surfers like yourself would find the articles of an specific topic and comment about this article on the same page where the article is posted.

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