WordPress for Dummies, learn about its advantages

So we keep hearing about WordPress, WordPress this and WordPress that. But what exactly is WordPress and how is it used?

WordPress is a website that was initially developed to serve as an article publishing online tool. WordPress was used to publish articles and it become a very robust blog platform. Articles would be published and accommodated into this website in chronological order and assigned to different categories. Furthermore; online surfers like yourself would find the articles of an specific topic and comment about this article on the same page where the article is posted.

So basically, in every article you would also find the opinions and interaction of the readers about the topic in hand. This system became very popular, thanks to this process of writing/publishing articles and allowing the reader to form part of the article by providing their thoughts on it, the website itself was building web traffic. This traffic of readers (online surfers) was very beneficial to the website for 1 very important reason; the main purpose of publishing articles online was to capitalise the site by allowing other companies to display their banners on the site. Other websites would pay a fee to have a banner redirecting people to their companies.

But as WordPress grew among writers and publishers, also did its built in features. WordPress provides what it is called a “Content management system” this is an editor that allows the publisher to write, correct and publish his/her articles. Therefore the idea of been able to update your own content kept moving forward and now WordPress provided the ability to not just pot articles but also create static pages of information like any other website on the web.

So in closing; WordPress is used now a day by website owners as a website and also if required as a publishing tool.

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